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Examining the very latest updates on CSP Plants around the world

The CSP Markets Report, put together after in-depth interviews with over 40 CSP experts, details critical changes in recent months.

Examining the emerging markets in the CSP industry

In the competitive and innovative CSP industry, the path towards secure investment and a real project, is only possible by having to hand the latest data, analysis and insight in emerging global ma

Parabolic trough collectors market: Next generation models crank up the heat

The CSP parabolic trough collector market’s brief history has been characterised by a tug of war between three main collector types.

Concentrated Solar Power’s question of scale: Why bigger is not better

Scaling up plant size is often cited as the concentrated solar power sector’s silver bullet for lowering costs.

Thermal Storage Innovations are instrumental in increasing performance and reducing CSP costs

In the report, for each Thermal Energy Storage (TES) integer hour value, an optimal configuration was found regressively.  As the model parameters were adjusted until the hours of storage reac