This service hosts static archives of IES websites which have been de-activated or dismissed.

Please note that the content of these websites is no longer maintained.

Institute for Environment and Sustainability(http://ies.jrc.ec.europa.eu)

Provide scientific and technical support to EU policies for the protection of the environment, and the more efficient and sustainable management of natural resources at global and continental scales.

Agri-Environment Action(http://agrienv.jrc.ec.europa.eu)

Integration of Environment Concerns into AGriculture


An integrated European research project, to develop novel methods and tools to better evaluate chemical risks.


FATE is the ensemble name for the pool of activities related to the assessment of fate and impacts of pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


The main objective of PECOMINES is to involve Pre-Accession countries in an EU research action on the environmental impact of mining waste in collaboration with DG Environment and EEA.

Mining Waste(http://viso.jrc.ec.europa.eu/MiningWaste/index.html)

Ways and novel techniques to estabilish harmonised inventories of waste materials from mineral extraction across Europe.

European Union Energy Initiative(http://euei.net)

Contributes to provide the access to the energy necessary for the achievement for the Millenium Development Goals.

European Water Initiative(http://euwi.net)

Focusing on water to protect our environment and improves lives and livelihoods.

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